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Cedar Crafted Candle

Blueberry Buttered Waffles Wax Melt

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A mouthwatering stack of warm blueberry waffles topped with melted butter and sweet maple syrup. 

Top notes: Juicy Blueberry

Middle notes: Pecan, Waffles

Base notes: Maple Syrup, Vanilla, Butter

Our Soy line of wax melts are made from 100% soy harvested in the U.S.A. and blended with high grade, phthalate-free fragrance oils.

Wax Melts add the same aroma as candles without the hazard of a flame. Candles aren't ideal for every situation so we had to include a flame-free option. The .5 oz. hex melt is strong enough for most rooms, if a stronger scent is desired, simply add another hex to the wax warmer.