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Cedar Crafted Candle

Sea Orchid Wax Melt

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Sea Orchid is refreshing with a splash of florals, like Jasmine and Orchid, blended with natural notes of Musk and crisp Sea Salt. This beautiful mixture will take you right out of your home and into one off of a coastal beach.

Top notes: Fresh Orchid, White Musk

Middle notes: Greens, Jasmine, Sea Salt

Base notes: Ozone, Tonka

Wax Melts add the same aroma as candles without the hazard of a flame. Candles aren't ideal for every situation so we had to include a flame-free option. The .5 oz. hex melt is strong enough for most rooms, if a stronger scent is desired, add another hex to the wax warmer.

Our Soy line of candles are made from 100% soy harvested in the U.S.A., have natural cotton wick, and blended with high grade, phthalate-free fragrance oils.